27 December, 2022

Big John loses his boots

I sent a version of this story in to Where's My Sneaks a while ago, but realize I never posted it here.  This version also has a bit more ballbusting!

John and Ollie were both part of a crew of 7 guys on a work site.  They were all good friends and loved playing pranks and practical jokes on one another, but John was the biggest of the guys by quite a margin which made him a formidable target.  He was well aware of this and used it to his advantage, pranking the other guys with impunity, knowing that it would be much harder for them to get him back.  Last week he had tossed a massive bag of cement mix to Ollie and when the smaller man stumbled and fell over, trapped under the bag, he had pulled Ollie’s boots off and tossed them on the roof of their office trailer.  He did get the bag off Ollie afterwards, but then the de-booted Ollie had to walk across the site in his socks and climb up on the trailer to get his boots back.  Ollie had eyed John’s boots for the rest of the day, but he knew he didn’t stand a chance of getting them by himself.

11 February, 2022

Royal Marines: The demo

Maybe some of you have seen the videos on YouTube of the British Royal Marines doing close quarters combat demonstrations for the public.  If not it's worth doing a search and having a look as there are two moves they demonstrate where one unlucky marine gets kicked in the nuts.  I've thought about writing a story inspired by them for a while, but not had the time. Recently I was chatting with my friend Firefox77788 about it and we ended up writing a story together, so here it is.

Frank grabbed Adam’s foot at the high point of his roundhouse kick and held it there for a few seconds, a grin spreading across his face, before sending the instep of his boot up into Adam’s crotch.  A few minutes later they were on to the sentry takedowns and Sean gave the inside of Adam’s boots a few kicks to make sure his legs were spread well apart, while Ollie gave Frank’s boot a quick polish.  Adam watched as Frank turned and lined himself up behind him, then sprinted forwards, boots thundering against the mat, before driving the toe of his right boot up into his nuts.  Adam closed his eyes and let the video run on, reliving the sensation of that hard boot toe slamming into his balls.

25 April, 2020

Crime and punishment at the gym

James and Daisy were at their regular late evening gym session.  They preferred coming in the evenings when it was a bit quieter and less hectic.  They were both in their work out gear, but they were just chatting when the gym manager, Marcus, walked over and greeted them.

“How are you Marcus?” Daisy asked, “You look tired”

“Yeah, I am,” Marcus sighed, running his hand through his thick, curly, black hair, “Do you two mind locking up for me this evening?  I’d like to get home a little early and I doubt we’ll be getting anyone else this late.”

18 April, 2020

Rating Widget

Hi everyone!  I love getting feedback on my stories, but I appreciate that not everyone has time to leave a comment so I've now added a rating widget.  Comments and ratings help me know what's working and what isn't, so if you could give a story a rating when you get to the end that would be very helpful.


30 March, 2020

The Sushi Bar

I wanted to try something a little different with this story.  This one is more boot-focused, though don't worry it still has some ballbusting a little later in the story ;).  I also decided to have a go at writing in first person.  Anyway, have a read and let me know what you think.

There’s this little sushi bar I like down near the docks.  The old guy that runs the place, Mr Kawachi, is a bit of a traditionalist and has a strict rule that no outside footwear is allowed in the main area, so off the foyer there’s a little area for people to take off their shoes and a set of cubby holes to put them in.  Being where it is a good proportion of his customers are dock workers and that means there are always a good number of pairs of boots sitting in the storage area.  As you might imagine this is part of the reason I like the place.  Don’t get me wrong, the sushi is very good, or I wouldn’t go as often as I do, but it helps that the first course is such a feast!  I always take my time taking my own boots off to savour the view, and if I can have a good sniff of some of the best pairs while I’m putting mine in their cubby.  I’ve been going there long enough now that I recognise the boots of a lot of the other regulars.

02 July, 2019

Busting at the Beach (part 3)

The Second Challenge

After a rather long wait, here is the conclusion of the Busting at the Beach series.  Last time Josh (blue shirt) had lost the first challenge to his brother Ed (black) regarding how much weight Chris' nuts (shirtless and jeans) could take before he threw up.  Kyle (shirtless and shorts) meanwhile was enjoying watching both Chris and Josh get their balls busted even though he was also a captive himself.

29 May, 2019

Motorcycle holiday

Don't worry, I will be finishing the Busting at the beach series eventually, but in the mean time I thought I would post this James and Daisy story.

James and Daisy were on one of their regular holidays on their motorbikes.  They loved taking their bikes and exploring new places, James on his big blue Kawasaki and Daisy on her smaller green Suzuki.  They had been camping most of the time, but the campsites had been very busy this summer so they decided to book themselves into a small hotel for a few days for a little extra privacy.

18 September, 2018

Busting at the beach (part 2)

The first challenge

Last time we left off with brothers Ed (black shirt) and Josh (blue) having just challenged each other on how much weight Chris' (shirtless and jeans) balls could take before he first threw up and then passed out.  Kyle (shirtless, shorts) meanwhile is an unwilling but aroused observer.

02 September, 2018

Busting at the beach (part 1)

This story was inspired by this photo
Just looking at it, the way the two guys in front look slightly apprehensive while the guys behind are smiling (in a very predatory way for the guy in blue), this was a busting story waiting to be told.  And just to top it off the guy in blue is wearing boots. 😉

I started chatting with a friend online about it and the story evolved naturally from there, with me playing the guy in blue, him playing the guy in black and both of us narrating the other two.

From left to right I've named them, Ed, Kyle, Josh and Chris.

21 August, 2018

New shoes

Daisy loved shoe shopping and James was happy to indulge her.  At the moment they were waiting for the shop assistant to come back with a couple of pairs for Daisy to try.  It was taking a little while and James’ mind was wandering.  Looking at the shoes arranged artfully around the shop walls he wondered whether perhaps he ought to get some new ones himself, the timberland boots he was wearing at the moment were getting a bit worn down at the heel.  That would require a different shop though, he rather doubted any of the shoes here came in a men’s size 13.  He tried to picture himself wearing some of Daisy’s shoes and it made him chuckle slightly.

“Something funny James?” Daisy asked, looking up at him from her seat.

15 August, 2018

Work site roshambo

After a hard week at work everyone needs a way to blow off some steam, and for the guys on this work site it was an old-fashioned game of roshambo.

Mike had been a bit unsure about it at first, but having watched the games for a few weeks he had to admit it was fun to watch.  This would be his first time in the ring though and he was a bit nervous, but he was also determined to make a good impression.  Your first time in the ring was a bit of an initiation, you wouldn’t be fully accepted into the group until you had taken part.  There were some other guys who scoffed at the Friday afternoon roshambo game, but Mike generally didn’t like those guys.

Mike is in his early twenties and just under 6 feet tall.  He’s well-built and proud of his body, justifiably so.  Top it off with short, sandy blonde hair, a close-cropped chinstrap beard and an easy-going smile and it is hardly surprising that both women and men walking past the site will often watch him as they go past.  That he is often dressed similarly to today, a tight green t-shirt and cargo shorts that do a very good job of showing off his muscles certainly helps.